Jeep Rental

If you wish we can act as your agent in booking a vehicle for you to use during your stay. We will reserve you a jeep and have it delivered to your property with gas in the tank. Please let us know if you prefer an automatic or stick shift and left or right hand drive. We will take you to get your visitor’s licence which you will need while on the island. At the end of your stay we will arrange to receive the vehicle from you either at your property or at the airport. Here are some examples of daily rates in $US which apply to advance bookings only. We cannot guarantee these rates for last minute, on-island bookings.

Days 2 Door Jeep 4 Door Jeep
1 – 3
US$48.50 (EC$129.98)
US$60.00 (EC$160.80)
4 – 7
US$46.50 (EC$124.62)
US$52.00 (EC$139.36)
8 – 20
US$45.00 (EC$120.60)
US$50.00 (EC$134.00
21 – 35
US$43.00 (EC$115.24)
US$48.50 (EC$129.98)
36 +
US$41.00 (EC$109.88)
US$46.50 (EC$124.62

The vehicle rental companies require an insurance deposit of $US 750.00 ($EC 2,000.00). As agents for the rental companies we can accept this on a credit card, either Visa, Mastercard or Discover. They hold your payment slip unprocessed and return it to you at the end of your rental. In the event of damage to the vehicle your liability is limited to the amount of the deposit. We act as booking, delivery and collection agents. Your contact for rental is with the rental company not with Down Island Ltd. The term of your rental is up to you but we suggest that if you are arriving on the island after a long trip you do not take over your vehicle immediately but have it delivered to your property the following day. We provide free transport to your property on your arrival day. Jeep delivery charges are as follows:

Service US Dollars
Delivery and Collection
Visitor’s Licence (Grenada Government)


  • Have your driver’s licence ready when the jeep is delivered to your property.
  • Go around the vehicle with the delivery driver and note any existing damage on the sketch form you will be given. The delivery driver will then take you into Hillsborough to obtain your visitor’s licence.
  • Sometime during your stay tell us whether you would like to turn in the vehicle at your property or at the airport. There is no extra charge for airport return – our driver will meet you there and return your insurance deposit slip after inspecting the vehicle with you. You do not need to fill the tank with gas at the end of your rental.